Why should I get a slipcover?
KIDS & PETS!! Seriously, if you have kids, you need slipcovers. If you have pets, you need slipcovers. If you have good quality furniture that needs an updated look, slipcover it. If you have a sentimental family heirloom that just doesn't fit with your new style, slipcover it. Your husband's favorite, but ugly recliner, slipcover that thing!

How do I get a quote?
Easy! Send a photo of your furniture to annie@myswallowsnest.com with a bit of info, including details about styles you like and the type of fabric you have in mind. I will return your email with a price and yardage quote. 

What do you charge?
My prices are listed here.

How do I choose my fabric?
My favorite fabrics for slipcovers are linen and cotton twill. Medium - heavyweight linen is about $20 – $40 per yard from most fabric stores. Twill and Denim run about $10 – $20 per yard.

Once you have purchased your fabric, be sure to prewash and dry it so that it will preshrink prior to my making the slipcovers. That way, there will be less shrinkage if you choose to wash your finished slipcovers. 

How does the process work?
Once you have received a quote from me and have chosen your fabric, we will make an appointment for a pickup/delivery  or I will come to your home for a measure/pin-fitting. Within a few weeks, your slipcover will be ready.

Do I have to be without my furniture?
Not necessarily! I am able to pin fit most pieces on site, in your home. There are some cases where I will need the furniture in my workspace to get the best fit.

How long does it take?
Most slipcovers take about 2-4 weeks once I have your fabric and have begun the process. Sometimes, less time is needed. It depends on the jobs I have in the workroom at the time. If you need an order rushed, we may be able to accommodate with a 20% up charge. 

How do I care for my slipcovers?
Depending on your fabric selection and if you pre washed and dried your fabric prior to having the slipcover made, you can just throw it in the washer! Most slipcovers are made of linen or cotton blends and can be machine washed using a regular cycle and your choice of laundry detergent. You can put the slipcover in the dryer with no heat and fluff for about 10-15 minutes. Remove from dryer while it is still damp and fit back onto your furniture so that if any shrinking occurred during the dry time, it will stretch back out. I do not recommend using bleach on any fabrics because it tends to break down the fabric fibers. I would say to use bleach only in emergencies ;)